oh, hi. i'm Kéthia. but i always feel weird when people call me by my first name XD so just call me Kia! i'm 15, &i'm obsessed with The Maine and All Time Low. music means a lot to me. nuff said.

i apologize in advance for my mistakes. i really need to improve my english. don't hit me kthxbye.

ya don't have to worry guys! i rarely talk about my private/boring life through my posts. i just wanna share some photos, videos and my current obsessions... hey, isn't that kewl?  :B

stalk me.   &myspace   &deviantart   &livejournal

gimme more HUGS ! =D

current addiction : kpop. bye peeps.
current mood : lazy..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

► OPENED SINCE :        ► LAYOUT :
  January 6, 2009                version 3.0 (ft. Taylor
                                         Swift), made by me

above all, don't remove my tags ! i honestly can't stand people stealing work from others. please, come ask me before using my stuff. you can contact me at .. sometimes i tag my work with my tumblr address or my nickname, sometimes i forget. so credit at least, plz. thanks~ !

  photo credits.   almost all of the pictures are from flickr, buzznet, myspace or tumblr :)   -  photographers;   K. Ross, D. Mai, A. Elmakias
  brushes, textures, scans. curly&kero, outspoken-kate.com, marialegozu

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
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